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10 Aug 2016 Santísima Tarifa, Es 5 de oros 5 de oros
17 Jul 2016 Santísima Tarifa, ES
19 Jun 2016 Rubén da Trinidades Tarifa, Cádiz ( ES ) Café del Mar-Playa Café del Mar-Playa

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  • Pura. C/ San Francisco 19 – 11380 – Tarifa (Cádiz)
  • Soul Café. C/ Santísima Trinidad 9 – Tarifa
  • Aloha. Plaza del Perulero – Tarifa

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To show that two guitars or two «riffs» are equal is an infinite prowess, but simply run into the first difference to prove that they are distinct.

In general, the similaritary hides under the difference, and there Santísima hits the nail on the head.

A work of art can be dishonest in its creation and sincere in it’s reception. But the artist experiences this act with himself. Ruben da Trinidades is this artist. Surrounded by musicians and friends , he overflows rock that seems to be recognized and is actually a new pulse with a margin for a dream that few six strings dare to challenge.

With an «elegant, powerful, sexy and hard» rock, Ruben defines his dream.

People are hungry and Santísima has the “popcorn”. «I love life» he announces. Thereby taking a path that requires a landscape, a space through which to transit. It is at that moment when the artist tells us: «What I am, what I breathe since a child reflected in some songs.» When I asked: define your art in a slogan, it could not have been clearer: «I will give away the rock of Southernmost Continental Europe». A declaration of his intentions.

Santísima ́s music is not no man’s land but land of all. Intelligible musical quality of rare beauty.

Ruben da Trinidades must create a world. And that world is Santísima. Hair raising rock, with the passion that his songs deserve. The influences, which the artist does not hide, ranging from «Black Sabbath to Jack White, passing by Robert Hawley or Richard Johnson», he says firmly with his guitar. They say that pop is ephemeral and rock is a long road. Ruben da Trinidades launches himself into the void wrapped up as a globetrotter, singer and songwriter, tanning in the musical wildlife, El Negro Villa, a good friend who incites the ashes to give flight da Trinidades dream. A flight, that the guitarist and author, wields as a foil to return to us the rock of truth, with all its essence. Its roots, its «slaps». His musical soul.

Ruben thinks that his greatest achievement is «To be able to express with my guitar overflowing passion with those sweeping waves for an art that grabbed as a child, the guitar, the music, rock». From that sincerety his bet is born.»Knowledge is the remedy for the fear of not knowing», thus he proceeds in his adventure. And he is not wrong.

With a clever approach, he uses the return pad and starts from scratch. Rock at its purest. A chess move. An adorable, emotional and worn out rascal. An antihero that offers trips for all dreams stroking his guitar with thunderous force, that gives voice to lyricism.

Ruben da Trinidades, outdoes himself, and together with El Negro Villa, they fall to the rhythm of «The most sweeping Rock of Southern Europe». Hard and worn out, dreamy, romantic and committed. Dreams they gestated since childhood. A rock that is more alive than ever.

Ruben da Trinidades is more interested in what he doesn’t not know, than what he knows.

Santisima has arrived. The immense maturity of an artist. An offer that can hardly go unnoticed.

Pere Campillo (Louis Cypher)

(Translation by Lee Chapman)


Rubén da Trinidades

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